Sun Joe SPX3000 Review – Your Essential Helper (2020)

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe’s SPX3000 electric power washer is a great deal for a homeowner who wants to save time doing outdoor cleaning tasks like spraying down driveways and fences. It has enough power to help with stripping wood surfaces before refinishing them, too. It’s light enough to move around easily, has a decent length of hose, and the electric motor is quieter than the noisier gasoline motors.

  • Durable plastic housing will survive falling over or occasional drops
  • Powerful 14.5-amp motor reaches 2030 PSI
  • Pump automatically shuts off when you let go of the trigger switch
  • 1800-watt motor uses an efficient induction design


Shopping for a new power washer can be challenging these days because of the number of models that are on the market and the fact that many of them just aren’t high-quality products. There are many uses that power washers are designed for, too. A homeowner doesn’t need an industrial strength washer than can strip paint or built up food waste. You may need a power washer to help with reconditioning old decks or fences, but a medium-duty washer can handle those tasks. You also need to consider issues like noise when you use a power tool in your backyard. When we looked over the best of the power washers on the market for homeowners in 2018, we landed on Sun Joe’s SPX3000. It’s a good bargain with all the features and performance of newer models, and it’s getting good reviews. So, we decided to put it through our battery of tests and write up a review. It didn’t disappoint us.



Pressure Washer Amperage14.5 ampPower SourceElectric
Water Inlet Temperature (max)104 degrees FahrenheitProduct Dimensions15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 in
Water Inlet Pressure (max)0.7 MPaNumber of Tips Included5
Pump Type
Wobble-Plate Piston
Product Weight31 lbs
Cord Length
35 ft
Pressure (PSI)2030
Hose Length
20 ft
Maximum Flow Rate1.76 gallons/min.

The SPX3000 is an older model that’s been superseded by Sun Joe’s SPX3001, but it’s still available, popular and has the same basic performance. Its 14.5-amp motor produces a 1.76 GPM-flow of water at a maximum of 2030 PSI, making it an effective medium-duty power washer.

It’s equipped with a decent length of hose, so you can move around the area you’re cleaning without dragging the washer around behind you.

With a power cord that’s over 30 feet long, you’ll be to reach most power outlets without needing an extension cord. You also get a selection of spray wand nozzles to deal with a variety of situations.

Sun Joe SPX3000

  • 14.5-amp/1800-Watt motor generates 2030 PSI spray at 1.76 GPM
  • Five Quick-Connect spray tips (0, 15, 25, 40-degree and a soap nozzle)
  • Total Stop System shuts off the pump when the trigger is not pressed
  • Two detergent tanks hold 0.9L each
  • Full 2-year warranty

The Design

Sun Joe SPX3000The SPX3000 has a compact design with a self-contained canister style that you can wheel to a strategic spot and then maneuver with its 20-foot hose. It stands about waist high, and the wheels are large enough that it easily navigates decks and concrete floors.

It isn’t too heavy to go up and down stairs with it, either. You get two detergent bottles that hold close to a liter each, so you have a bit of flexibility on your choice of soap.

The washer also comes with a set of five spray nozzles that gives you a choice of four angles to spray at and a fifth nozzle for using soap.


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Power and Performance

This pressure washer operates at 2030 PSI and sprays 1.76 gallons of water per minute. This doesn’t make it a heavy-duty power washer that you would use for industrial cleaning tasks, but it is plenty of power for home cleaning and paint prep work. You can remove water-damaged paint or varnish from furniture and decks with a little help from a solvent. Cleaning patios, sidewalks, cars, and the exterior of buildings won’t be a problem at all.
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The two main safety concerns with any electric power washer are electric shock and accidental spray. The SPX3000 addresses these issues well with a design that ensures the washer’s electric connections and motor are waterproof. The trigger on the spray wand has a locking mechanism to make sure it isn’t pulled when you’re not working. It is important to be careful not to get your power source wet while you work, however.


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Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX3001

Sun Joe’s SPX3001 is an upgrade that replaced the SPX3000 with a few improvements in its design. Both have the same electric motor and spray pressure. Both come with 20 feet of hose and 35 feet of power cord. So, the basic performance of these two pressure washers is the same. Where the SPX3001 improves on the SPX3000 is the addition of a hose reel, which makes managing its hose and power cord much easier and safer.

The SPX3001 also has a single, larger detergent tank that holds over 40 fluid ounces. The SPX3001’s nozzles have also been moved to the top and front of the handle instead of behind it. Overall, if you can live without these conveniences, the SPX3000 is a cheaper option with the same performance.

Pro Tip

Be sure to purchase a pump lubricant to protect against the pump’s gaskets seizing when you let the washer sit in storage for a long time.


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Sun Joe SPX 3000 vs SPX4000

The SPX4000 is a step up from Sun Joe’s SPX3000 series power washers. It adds a few more options, but it uses the same motor and has the same PSI and GPM performance. It comes with a larger detergent tank that holds 54 fluid ounces. You also get some control over the PSI that you use for a job with a switch that selects a low (1450 PSI) and high (2030 PSI) pressure setting. The SPX4000 is about 1 pound lighter than the SPX3000.

  • Has two detergent bottles
  • Long power cord
  • Electric motor has auto shut off
  • Has a quiet motor

  • The hose could be longer
  • Water connections sometimes leak


Things we liked about it

The power of this pressure washer is perfect for home use. You get enough out of its 2030 PSI jet spray to strip surfaces to prep them for painting, which is about as demanding a task you’re likely to have as a homeowner. Having two bottles of detergent can be handy if you have a variety of cleaning tasks that you do. You can keep a supply of two different detergents on hand while you work. We also appreciated the selection of spray nozzles and the handy snap on mount on the back of the SPX3000’s handle. It certainly will cut down on the chances of losing these pieces in between uses.

Things we didn’t like

It would be great if you could adjust the power of the spray to a lower level for simple cleaning tasks like driveways after BBQ and house exteriors. The water supply connection can be awkward to connect to a common hose. We suggest making sure you get an adapter before your first use.


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General User Experience

The owners of Sun Joe’s SPX3000 have good things to say about it in reviews. They’re as impressed with how easy it is to move around and use as we were. It’s lightweight, quiet electric motor makes it more portable and less distracting than similar gas-powered washers. It works well as an outdoor surface cleaner.

Several reviewers have pointed out that if you register your SPX3000, Sun Joe’s customer service will help you out with finding an adapter you need to hook up the washer to your size hose when it isn’t compatible.

Another offered the advice to follow the maintenance practice of applying pump protectant lubrication if you leave your SPX3000 sit for long periods of time.

Despite these small foibles, most reviewers gave the SPX3000 high marks as a no-frills home power washer for cleaning driveways, cars, and stripping paint from wood. It has more power than many other similarly priced power washers, and the motor is quiet.

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 14.5-Amp Review

Video about Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 14.5-Amp Review

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What are the factors that are most important for pressure washer performance?

PSI alone is not enough to know how effective a pressure washer will be. You should also consider its gallons per minute (GPM) rate and whether it can heat the water it sprays. Some experts multiply the PSI and GPM numbers together to get a combined Cleaning Unit (CU) rating to help gauge one pressure washer against another. Heat greatly improves a washer’s ability to loosen tough stains and dirt, so this is a plus. Chemical cleaners will make it easier to remove oily soil from a surface.

How much pressure is needed for a pressure washer to do its job?

This depends on what you want to do with a pressure washer. If you want to do light cleaning tasks like washing your car, sidewalks, or patio furniture, then you can use a light or medium-duty washer with 500 to 2500 PSI. For tougher jobs like power washing before a paint job or removing tough stains from surfaces, you’ll want a heavy-duty pressure washer with PSI ratings above 3000 PSI.

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To finish off this Sun Joe SPX3000 review, let’s take stock of what we learned during testing. The SPX3000 has a few things that can trip up a first-time pressure washer owner, like maintenance and water supply hook-up fittings, but if you do your homework, this model is a good deal.

It’s sold at a discount because it’s an outdated model, but it has the same motor and performance profile as more expensive Sun Joe models. We would recommend the SPX3000 for any homeowner looking for a great deal.




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