How to Remove Gum from Carpet – Best Tips & Tricks of 2020

Do you hate the site of gum in your clothes and household items such as carpets? Worse still do you always find it tedious and sometimes almost impossible to remove?

If so, you are in the right place because we will explain some simple methods of removing it from your precious carpets. Carpetings are one of hardest places to remove gum, but it is still very possible. In fact, if you know what to do you can remove it so well that you will not even realize it was there.

So here is how to remove gum from carpet.

What You Will Need

Although what you will need depends on the method that you will use the following are all the materials you will need when using one of the ones below.

  • Ice
  • Plastic bag
  • Dull knife or a spoon
  • Hair dryer
  • Soft cloth
  • Carpet cleaning solution

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List of Methods

Method #1: Using Ice

  • Step #1: Prepare an Ice Bag

Ice is not just good for reducing swelling or for making your drinks cold. You can also use it to remove that nasty patch of gum from your expensive carpets.

And to do this, you should start by filling a small plastic bag with some ice cubes. Although there is no harm in crashing them, you should keep them as large ice cubes to slow down the melting.

  • Step #2: Rub Ice over Gum

With the ice on your small plastic bag, rub the gum for a few minutes or until it freezes over. And this should take about 5 minutes, but it depends on the amount of chewing gum you want to remove.

The more the gum, the longer it takes to freeze.

  • Step #3: Scrap off Frozen Gum

At this step is when you need to use your dull knife or a spoon. Gently lift the gum off the carpet using a scraping motion but be careful not to damage your carpet’s fibers.

Although you can still remove it in one piece, it is okay to allow it to break into fragments and scrap them one by one. And also make sure that you dispose of the gum immediately because it can stick to something else when it softens.

  • Step #4: Repeat Until You Remove all the Gum

Removing gum from the carpet is quite easy and probably also fun, isn’t it?

And so you will not mind repeating this process until you remove all the gum. Since you will be able to remove most of it the first time, whatever is remaining will only require you to do the freezing and scraping process a few times.

Method #2: Using Hair Dryer

  • Step #1: Heat the Gum

Well, this method is the exact opposite of the ice one because instead of cooling you have to heat it. Heating the gum makes it pliable and hence also easy to scrap away.

Use your hair dryer to heat the chewing gum for a few seconds or minutes depending on the size. But be keen not to overheat the area because you can damage the carpet’s fibers. You wouldn’t want to ruin your treasured rug, would you?

  • Step #2: Pull Out the Gum

Once the gum is softened or pliable enough, it is ready to pull out of the carpet. You can use your hands if you are wearing a glove or something dull. However, you should be careful not to spread the gum to other sections of the carpet because it is easy to do this when it is soft.

Note: When using this method it helps to wear some gloves or even cover your hand with a plastic bag. With your hand covered it is easier to pull out the gum with your fingers than with a knife or spoon.

How To Remove Gum

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Method #3: Using a Carpet Cleaning Solution

  • Step #1: Apply Dry Cleaning or Gel-Based Solvent

Older gum stains are harder to deal with that the fresh ones, but it is still possible to do it. There are also many other things that you can use such as dry-cleaning solvents, mineral spirits, and citrus based degreasers.

Apply a small amount of Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Remover on the gum and leave it to dissolve the gum polymers. But make sure that it is safe to use on carpets and that it does not cause any discoloration.

  • Step #2: Scrap the Gum Off

After allowing the solvent 5 to 10 minutes for absorbing into the gum, you can scrap it out. The time that you leave the solvent to soak depends on how hard the chewing gum is and the area it covers.

When pulling it out use a scraping motion and ensure that you do it in the same direction with every pass that you make. Keeping the scraping in the same direction ensures that you do not damage the carpet fibers.

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Removing the Remaining Residue

Regardless of the method, you choose to use the chances are that there will still be some residue. Yes, this can be annoying as it makes your carpet look old and ugly. But, you can also remove the residues.

And to do this, you will need some peanut butter, eucalyptus oil or olive oil. These oils have a lubricating property, and so they will help to release the gum from the carpet’s fibers.

Apply your peanut butter or olive oil to the remaining gum residue and work it in with your fingers. You should then scrape off the gum with your fingers or just blot out the section. And once you get out all the gum you should clean the area with some dish detergent or soap and water.
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Additional Tips

  • White vinegar can also be useful for removing gum. Once you apply it on the spot allow it to set for a few minutes before scraping off the chewing gum and rinsing with water.

  • The sooner you remove the gum, the easier it is, and so you should not procrastinate. Yes, even with the busy schedule you can still spare five minutes to remove the gum from your carpet.

  • If all the methods above do not work for you or you find them tedious, there are some commercial products available for removing gum.

  • Any stains that remain after removing the gum are also possible to clean. All you need is to treat it as you would with a grease stain.


There you go, now you know how to remove gum from carpet. That nasty patch of chewing gum in your carpet that is always annoying you should no longer stress you.

With a few items that you might probably already have at home and a few minutes to spare you can take care of any carpet gum situation.

Well, now it is up to you to decide when to start getting rid of the gums in your expensive rugs.

How To Remove Gum

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