10 Ideal Sewing Machines for Quilting – For DIY Enthusiasts (2020)

As a clothing enthusiast, finding a sewing machine that packs good features and still offers commendable functionality on a flexible budget is the ultimate way to fuel up your passion.

With so many machine brands and models available on the market, though, identifying the best sewing machine for quilting calls for more than just scrolling through various sales catalogs.

What exactly are the key features to look for before committing to any particular choice? Are there any recommended choices for sewing machine foot for quilting beginners?

Well, we are here to walk you through different machines and their features vis-a-vis what to expect with each one of them.

Indeed, the best choice of sewing machine is not just any other piece of equipment. As a quilter who is looking to maximize productivity, nothing beats a machine, which is both fast and easy-to-use.

Our in-depth reviews take you through all the ideas you need to familiarize with so you can get the best return on investment no matter which quilting level you are currently at.

Brother CS6000i is a compact device with an LCD screen display stitch selector that allows users to select stitch types with a simple touch of a button

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The XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition’s most obvious feature is the back-lit LCD display that is large and bright enough to view without having to squint

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Some sewing units are expressly for beginners, while others are more suitable for those with advanced sewing skills. Luckily, the Brother XR3774 fits into both categories with its user-friendly features

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With literally 130 stitches that include quilting, embroidery and heirloom stitches, the Brother HC1850 will certainly help you horn your quilting skills

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The Limited Edition CX155LA model has a large table with built-in lighting to allow users to quilt with greater ease

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The SINGER 7469Q is a favorite for beginners and intermediate quilters – it has an automatic needle threader and “Drop and Sew” bobbin system that definitely makes an easy set-up

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For starters, this model has a strong motor that is capable of delivering up to 1, 500 stitches per minute. Most importantly, it boasts variable foot controls to help you control the sewing speed

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The product is furnished with a simple to view LED screed display to show twin needle guard as well as low bobbin indicator light

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Much like the JUKI TL-2000Qi model, the JUKI HZL-F300 is a high-end sewing and quilting machine capable of sewing light and heavy fabrics

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  • Equipped with up-to 60 built-in sewing stitches, including 20 stitches for sewing clothing, 6 heirloom, 20 decorative stitches, 7 one-step auto-buttonhole styles and 7 quilting stitches that make sewing really fun and exciting.
  • Has an oversized table that provides adequate space especially when you have to work on large projects.
  • Includes several attachable accessory feet such as buttonhole, zipper, spring action quilting, button fitting, walking foot, monogramming foot, blind stitch, and overcasting foot to ensure proper thread tension.
  • It comes with an accessory pouch with three bobbins, a seam ripper, eyelet punch, spool pin, cleaning brush, three spool caps, needle set and a screwdriver so it is ready to use right out of the box.

Brother CS6000i is a compact device with an LCD screen display stitch selector that allows users to select stitch types with a simple touch of a button. The machine offers adjustable sewing speed which means you can customize the sewing pace to your comfort level.

Still not convinced if it is a great option?

We hope this is enough to convince you. To begin with, the Brother CS6000i comes integrated with a free arm for sewing small cylindrical items like sleeves, cuffs or pant legs on kid’s clothing. And another thing, it boasts an automatic needle threader on the side of the machine for easy threading.

It is more affordable than your ordinary sewing machine for quilting beginners on the market today. As if that’s not enough, it features a quick-set top drop-in bobbin that makes setting up and accessing the thread effortless.


Here’s the kicker!

Brother CS6000i is a unique, innovative and convenient unit for quilting beginners. Most users seem to be charmed by its great variety of stitches, presser foots and its low price.

Not to mention, it is easy to use, versatile and the set-up process is simple.

  • Includes stop/ start button for ease of use without the included foot control.
  • It comes with a 25-year limited warranty as well as free phone-support throughout its life.
  • Variable speed control to help you adjust sewing speed while easy-to-follow threading diagrams allow easy bobbin winding.
  • Comes with a hard protective case to store the machine when not using it or when travelling.
  • Easy-to-view backlit LCD display provides a super bright work area, especially when working on dark fabrics.
  • Its quilting foot enables you to place your quilting stitches more accurately while the walking foot makes feeding of multiple layers a smooth process.
  • A seam ripper is tiny so you may need to buy another one especially if you are used to working with bigger ones.
  • Although it provides a brightly lit sewing area, the lighting is not enough when you’re working at night on extra dark fabrics.
  • Can give you a hard time if you use cheap threads.
  • It has an oversized and removable table that makes it a great option for quilting projects. It also makes it easy to work on large and complicated quilts by allowing more control and mobility.
  • Includes 7 presser feet accessories which are button sewing, blind stitch, zigzag, monogramming, buttonhole, overcasting and zipper foot that offer a great range of possibilities for different projects.
  • Built-in sewing font that allows users to perform basic monogramming effortlessly.
  • Its jam resistant drop-in bobbin feature makes it easy to set-up and access the bobbin thread. Bobbin winding system also comes in handy to make quilting fun and efficient.
  • Boasts a free arm when the table is removed making it easy to sew sleeves, cuffs and other curved pieces of clothing.

When it comes to affordable and versatile sewing machine options, Brother has definitely earned its spot among the top household brands.

Their latest addition to their line of units is the XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition. Its most obvious feature is the back-lit LCD display that is large and bright enough to view without having to squint. The display helps in stitch selection, adjusting stitch length and width.

Want to know what makes it unique?

The product features more than 100 different built-in stitches and 140 stitch functions that offer a good mix of utility, heirloom and decorative choices. To top it off, it has one-step auto-sizing buttonholes with 8 unique designs to choose from for added versatility. This is definitely a huge selection for an affordable machine.


Is it a good buy?

Overall, the Brother XR9500PRW offers excellent value for money. The combination of 100 built-in stitches, alphanumeric stitches, needle threading system and 140 stitch functions mean we are not surprised that it has so many positive reviews online. But in the end, the choice is yours.

  • The accessory pouch comes with a seam ripper, ball point needle, cleaning brush, needle set, extra spool pin, twin needle, three bobbins, spool pin, screwdriver, operation manual and power cord to enhance its functionality.
  • Workspace is brightly lit by LED bulbs making is simple to use in dim lighting or on darker materials.
  • The product boasts a durable hard cover to protect it from dust when not in use.
  • It is affordably priced for the number of features and convenience it offers.
  • The included accessories can be safely and conveniently stored in the compartment on the arm.
  • Easy to use with a wide range of advanced features hence an excellent option for beginners, intermediate and more advanced quilters.
  • The manufacturer recommends that the product is used only in countries that support 120V AC, not even if a power adaptor is available.
  • It is not the ideal foot for quilting option if you will be working with heavy-duty thick fabrics.
  • Does not come with a carrying case making it difficult to move it around. Fortunately, it has a hard cover to protect it from dust.
  • The product comes with 8 sewing accessory feet including zipper, walking, zigzag, button sewing, buttonhole, blind stitch, narrow hemmer and quilting feet. These accessories help users to complete sewing and quilting projects in good time and have an easy time while at it.
  • It has a jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin and an automatic bobbin winding system that makes it easy to replace your bobbin when you run out of a thread.
  • Has a wide quilting table that is properly lit and provides plenty of room for large-scale quilting projects as well as a free arm for sewing sleeves and cuffs.
  • Equipped with a large stitch-selector dial function that is clear and easy to read located on the front of the machine to help users choose their preferred stitches.

Let’s face it folks; some sewing units are expressly for beginners, while others are more suitable for those with advanced sewing skills. Luckily, the Brother XR3774 fits into both categories with its user-friendly features. Its built-in needle threader and stitch selector function give it plenty of points in the ‘ease of use’ stakes.

Can we be totally honest with you?

When it comes to stitching options, the Brother XR3774 also excels in this area. It boasts up to 74 stitch functions and 37 built-in stitches including heirloom stitches, automated one-step buttonholes, garment construction and decorative quilting. In addition, it is backed by a 25-year limited warranty for peace of mind and free telephone support for the lifespan of the product.


And guess what?

According to many reviewers, this lightweight sewing machine for quilting is of excellent quality and has a high level of performance.

What’s more, it is a workhorse of a machine as it offers so much versatility for more advanced users.

  • For easy set-up and use, it comes with an instructional DVD as well as a user manual in Spanish and English.
  • Allows you to create custom-sized buttonholes using the in-built automatic one-step buttonhole function.
  • It can tackle most jobs regardless of how large they are as well as fabrics.
  • A great buy for quilters on tight budgets or those looking to save every cent available in these harsh economic times.
  • Includes four bobbins, three-piece needle set, extra spool pin, darning plate, twin needle, a cover and a screwdriver right off the bat.
  • Lacks in-built sewing lettering fonts and presser foot-pressure adjustment.
  • Users may find the throat of the product small, especially if working on large quilts.
  • It cannot handle tough leathers and heavy-duty fabrics.
  • It has a large LCD display screen that lets you view and choose different stitch designs and stitch type quickly with the intuitive push-button stitch selector.
  • A single in-built monogramming sewing font that includes 8 specialty symbols, letters A-Z, 7 punctuation marks and numbers 0-9. The feature is ideal for the most standard monogramming.
  • Quick set bobbin with easy bobbin winding system. To get started, simply drop in your bobbin, then pull the thread through the slot and push the start button so the machine can wind the bobbin. It really is that simple.
  • Unique feed system that lets users sew on different types of fabric, like denim and other tougher fabrics. It also helps users move fabrics smoothly thereby ensuring precise stitches are formed.

This is yet another a great computerized and lightweight sewing machine for quilting from the manufacturer – Brother. Featuring a drop feed system; this product allows users to perform free-motion quilting with so much ease. Automatic needle threader also comes in handy so no need to worry about pricking your finger.

But wait- is it worth every bang for your buck?

With literally 130 stitches that include quilting, embroidery and heirloom stitches, the Brother HC1850 will certainly help you horn your quilting skills. Not to mention, the machine delivers up to 850 stitches per minute via its fully adjustable speed function.


So what does all this mean?

In a nutshell, the Brother HC1850 is undoubtedly among the most efficient best sewing machine for free motion quilting on the market. Therefore, both experienced and beginner sewers are likely to find this product as reliable and helpful in their projects.

  • Has a detachable wide table to help users with a variety of large projects like quilting and embroidering.
  • Built-in stitches flip chart helps users quickly view the different types of stitches available.
  • The working area is LED lit to provide users with adequate brightness especially when working on darker fabrics.
  • Boasts 25-year limited warranty and accessory pouch with all the basic items to help you get started immediately you have the machine.
  • It can be operated with or without the manual foot control. When not using the foot control, users can use the controls on the machine.
  • Although it’s good for experienced sewers, serious sewers are likely to outgrow it fast.
  • It lacks standard accessory storage feature common in most devices at its price range.
  • It’s very lightweight. This can be a plus depending on your needs but if you want a sturdy machine, it is definitely not a plus.
  • The product’s bobbin has the drop-in style from the top that allows quick set-up of the thread and ensures the bobbin stays in place. A jam-resistant mechanism is also available to keep jams to a minimum.
  • Features a variable speed control with a start/stop button to help users determine how fast or slow they would like to sew. There is also a foot controller to help adjust the speed manually without making stitching errors.
  • Includes an advanced needle threading system that makes threading this machine a breeze. Look: users just need to touch the lever located on the side of the machine and it will automatically thread the needle.

When you want to quilt, you know how important it is to have an extra wide space. This Limited Edition CX155LA model has a large table with built-in lighting to allow users to quilt with greater ease.

And you know what?

It includes 11 sewing and quilting feet functions to help users create unique customized designs.

But here is the interesting thing. The product boasts 155 in-built stitches including a single sewing font, 55 alphanumeric stitches and 8-styles of one-step auto-sized buttonholes to play with. A backlit screen display allows you to choose the stitch design you want.


Here’s the deal!

Both from a closer look and even from afar, this product has undeniable beauty. And if that is not enough, it can tackle any project thrown at it with ease. Yes, you read that right! According, to the manufacturer, this sewing machine offers everything you need to complete all your projects.

  • It includes an extensive set of accessory feet that are easy to use such as blind stitch, zigzag, walking foot, zipper, monogramming and buttonhole foot. These accessories make the machine more user-friendly.
  • Allows users to craft unique and personalized designs using the 11 sewing and quilting feet. It’s all about creativity and you can become your own interior designer with this machine.
  • Backed by 25-year limited warranty and free phone/online technical support throughout the life of the product.
  • The detachable wide table extends your working space up to 33% large making it ideal for king sized quilts or window treatments.
  • Has a convenient built-in storage compartment, an abundance of accessories to get started quilting and a stitch option for every purpose.
  • Though the sewing area is brightly lit, the lighting is on the dimmer side.
  • A little bit lightweight hence the machine tends to wobble around when working on larger and heavier quilts.
  • Most of its parts are made of plastic making it look cheap and not durable enough.
  • It includes a programmable needle up/down function which is essential when piecing together patchworks.
  • So how does this work? When pivoting or quilting fabric, have the needle in the down position and up to the highest position when removing the fabric.
  • Has 98 inbuilt stitch patterns for decorative sewing, embroidery, heirloom, garment construction, quilting and fashion sewing. There is also a stitch guide to show users when and how to use the stitch patterns.
  • Up-to 13 needle positions that can be adjusted for different projects like topstitching, inserting zippers or cording.
  • Heavy-duty metal frame construction to hold all the mechanisms in excellent alignment for perfect skip-free sewing.

The SINGER 7469Q is a favorite for beginners and intermediate quilters and for very good reasons. To begin with, it has an automatic needle threader and “Drop and Sew” bobbin system that definitely makes an easy set-up. And the best part is, it boasts an automatic tension function that ensures stable and quality stitch.

So, what’s the catch?

Compared to the rest of the sewing machine for quilting beginners in this guide, it has 6 segment feeding system that makes for much more accurate fabric feeding. What’s more, it comes with an extra high presser foot lifter that provides more clearance when placing several layers of bulky fabric under the presser foot.


The bottom line is this!

SINGER 7469Q is a feature-rich unit put together with quilters in mind. Therefore, for the money, it is a real steal and a great buy for anyone who is serious about their quilting.

  • Has adjustable stitch width and length feature to keep the seams sturdy while preventing bunching.
  • Includes an extension table to be able to manage large quilts and projects.
  • It comes with two stay bright LED lights that keep the working area well lit and 25-year limited warranty.
  • It comes with four extra quilting feet accessory to help users expand their sewing and quilting possibilities.
  • Electronic twin needle control helps one add a decorative touch to different projects by creating two parallel rows of stitching in a snap.
  • The LED light is pretty dim. You will need to invest in better lighting especially if you work at night.
  • Does not have a quiet operation.
  • May arrive with some few issues that will require a little fixing here and there as a result of poor handling during shipping.
  • Retractable drop feed-dog control to help users to adjust the height of the feed dogs per the weight of the material they intend to work on. There are 4 feed dog settings to allow different types of fabrics.
  • Features a large extension table measuring 12-inches by 18 inches to help you complete projects without having to re-position the material constantly.
  • It has a full range of foot pressure adjustment and a dial to help users work on even the roughest, thickest kinds of fabric and adjust the settings with the touch of a dial.
  • Also, it comes with plenty of feet accessories including zipper, spring action, rolled hem foot, walking foot, invisible zipper, sewing foot, quilting foot and an adjustable zipper foot for extra convenience.

Often hailed as the best sewing machine for free motion quilting on the market, this particular model from Brother brand is considered a high-speed straight-stitch unit. In fact, it can sew up-to 1500 stitches per minute.

Yeah, that’s right! One nice feature of this product is the knee lifter built to enhance the user’s comfort.

But you know what else?

The product boasts an automatic thread cutter alongside a F.A.S.T needle threader to help quilters cut threads quickly with ease.


Check this out; this machine is certainly on the more expensive side but it is worth the buy. It can sew just about any fabric and its huge throat space that offers users a lot of room to work on.

  • Feed dog height adjustment function offers free motion quilting. This feature makes even the most difficult sewing jobs so much easier.
  • Accompanied by Brother’s 25-year limited warranty.
  • Thread tension dial can be manually adjusted using the upper thread tension control dial located at the front of the product.
  • It is quite fast but users have the option to control the sewing speed using the sensitive foot pedal included.
  • It is easy to thread and position the needle with the push of a button thereby saving you time and allowing you to finish projects quickly.
  • The thread cutter does trim the thread a little bit short even to a point where it unthreads the needle.
  • It is more for advanced quilters. Beginners may have some difficulty before they can get used to how it works.
  • There is no indication if the bobbin thread runs out so you could be sewing merrily along even if there is no thread.
  • The product boasts aluminum die-cast construction for the arm and the bed. As a result, it is lightweight making it easy to carry around and durable while offering low vibration operation.
  • It is fitted with bright and efficient LED lights to brighten up the workspace for more accurate designs.
  • Features 1/5-inch quilting foot that provides free motion quilting and free-hand embroidery. What’s more, there is an even feed foot for quilting heavy fabrics like velvets and leather.
  • The machine comes with an automatic thread cutting system. Look: you just need to push down on the pedal using the back of your foot to cut the threads according to your desired length.

Looking for a top-of-the-line quilting machine?

It doesn’t get better than the JUKI TL-2000Qi. What makes this model so great, you might ask? Well, the answer is a whole lot. For starters, it has a strong motor that is capable of delivering up to 1, 500 stitches per minute. Most importantly, it boasts variable foot controls to help you control the sewing speed.

And the best part?

The product includes an automatic needle threader to help users control the movement of the needle either in upwards or downwards position. And another thing, there is a presser foot for every occasion.


With the JUKI TL-2000Qi, it really excels in the quilting department. From the speed pedal control to trimming system, this sewing machine foot for quilting leaves little to be desired.

  • Includes an extended table to give users more space to work on complex projects and in less time.
  • Thanks to its aluminum die cast bed and arm, this product’s operation spots low vibration.
  • Its single pedal control makes it easy to work on projects faster.
  • It provides a 12 mm extra-high foot lift, a feature that comes in handy when working with heavier fabrics or sewing multiple layers of fabric.
  • Boasts high-speed operation. Get this: it is capable of achieving commercial league stitching speeds of up to 1500 SPM.
  • Fairly expensive yet it just has limited features most of which are present in cheaper models. For instance, it lacks features like zigzag stitch option.
  • This is a device for experienced quilters rather than beginners. Not to mention, the user manual is not easy to understand.
  • Users feel the 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer is too short.
  • Has a knee lifter which is operated by manually lifting the presser foot lift lever and then holding it in the highest position. It comes in handy when hemming jeans and other thick fabrics.
  • It includes an onboard automatic thread cutter with memory capability to indulge you. The features altogether make a good deal for serious quilters with heavy quilting projects.
  • It offers a choice of 66 stitch patterns and script monogram stitches with 4 buttonholes to choose from. This provides users an easy time when working on large projects. It also allows so much creativity.

With features like automatic thread cutter, drop feed control and sewing speeds of 1000 stitches per minute, this sounds like a decent package for experienced quilters. The product is furnished with a simple to view LED screed display to show twin needle guard as well as low bobbin indicator light.

But what makes it so special?

First off, it boasts 5 different blanket stitches that can be used on an array of garments like pillows, sweaters, outwear, and much more. Besides, the throat space of the machine is large enough to help you work easily with large quilts.


What then can we say about Janome MC-6300P?

Listen: it has an efficient speed, power and precision, which are critical for handling advanced sewing and quilting projects.

  • Its drop feed control and advanced feed mechanism enable users to stitch even the thickest of materials effortlessly.
  • Has a low bobbin indicator light to alert you when you are running out of bobbin thread.
  • Its walking foot feature makes it easy to sew fabrics prone to puckering or slipping as well as thick fabrics with multiple layers.
  • Includes a darning foot, a valuable tool to any free motion quilter as it ensures less movement of fabric layers when quilting.
  • Comes with an extended table for complex projects and is backed by a 25-year limited warranty.
  • Its cost when compared to all its features and value is unarguably on the higher side.
  • Lacks the free arm option, a feature present in other cheaper models.
  • The machine has 106 inbuilt stitch styles including three alphanumeric fonts for monogramming/ lettering and decorative stitches to give users more than enough choices to choose from while still maintaining simplicity.
  • Equipped with an automatic one-touch needle threader, a great addition for individuals who have difficulty threading a needle. Simply put it: it allows convenience and saves time.
  • It comes with a one-pedal controlled thread-cutting system. This simply means, no more cutting the threads by hand when you finish stitching.

Much like the JUKI TL-2000Qi model, the JUKI HZL-F300 is a high-end sewing and quilting machine capable of sewing light and heavy fabrics. Its box feed allows for fast and easy free motion quilting.

But how?

You just need to drop the feed dogs and the machine is ready to free motion quilt.

Now hang on! The product also includes 16 unique patterns of fully automated electronic sensor controlled buttonholes. To be honest, that’s plenty of buttonhole styles to have on just one individual sewing machine.


Listen to this: JUKI HZL-F300 comes with a wide variety of adjustment options to make quilting a fun and exciting experience. From its intuitive design to its full range of useful stitch patterns, this product delivers the total sewing package.

Still not sure this is the machine for you?

Perhaps a look at its pros and cons will help.

  • It comes with a wide extension table that is optional for when you need to work on an over-sized quilt.
  • Bright LED bulbs illuminate the work area to ensure you can clearly see what you are working on in dim lighting.
  • Offers free arm sewing option that allows users to stitch shirt sleeves, sleeve cuffs and pant legs.
  • The manufacturer provides 5 years limited warranty against material defects and poor workmanship.
  • Auto needle threader is easy to use. Imagine this, you only need to push the button down and it’s threaded.
  • It is not beginner friendly. Most of its features are intended for experienced quilters.
  • The machine is too large and heavy to move it around.
  • For the price, a knee lifter is not too much to ask.

Buying Guide

How To Buy The Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

Sewing machines come with a wide variety of features and options. Therefore, the best sewing machine foot for quilting for one quilter may not necessarily be the best option for everyone. So here are some factors to consider to help you find the best model for your needs.

The first things to consider are reviews and comparison tables like those presented higher.

Types of Quilting Sewing Machines

Get this: unlike other equipment, quilting machines are not categorized into specific types and sub-categories.

To be honest, most quilting machines are just like the regular ones only that they come with some special features that make them perfect for quilting. Nevertheless, they can be categorized according to the arm length:

  • Long arm
  • Mid arm
  • Short arm
Long arm in these devices for quilting presents a good choice for serious sewers as it has a large throat space. However, it is often more expensive. Mid arm and short arm machines, on the contrary, have less throat space and cost less compared to their long arm counterparts.

Stitch Designs

Sewing machines have a wide variety of stitch designs. These include quilting stitches, heirloom, decorative stitches, embroidery stitches and buttonhole stitches. To find the best machine that has the best stitch designs, you need to consider the overall functionality and purpose.

For instance, if you want a machine for doing just the basic quilting, a machine with at least 50 stitch designs can be a great buy.


Sewing machines for quilters usually come with instruction manual and installation guides to help you set up. But generally, they should be put on a flat, smooth table.

The table should be large enough to support the quilt completely on the surface and prevent the quilts from falling off the edges.

Other features to pay attention to when installing the machine include darning foot, stitch length, presser foot pressure and machine tension. Just make sure you refer to the manual for all the entire installation process.


Another factor to consider is the level of maintenance.

Want to make sure you get the most out of your machine?

Then proper care and maintenance are crucial. Fortunately, quilting sewing machines don’t require a lot of maintenance work.

With simple oiling, re-needling to avoid skipped stitches and covering it when not in use, your machine will definitely thank you. For more maintenance tips, always check the machine’s manual.


A good warranty acts like a sort of guarantee from the manufacturer that the quality of the item is excellent. As such, the longer the warranty, the better! Luckily, with most machines, manufacturer’s offer at least 25 years limited warranty.

But keep in mind: most warranties only cover material defects and poor workmanship.


It all depends on what you want. If you’re looking to make simple quilts and designs, simple stitches like zigzag, straight, button stitch and blind stitch can make a whole difference. However, if you like to be very creative, having a wide variety of stitches is crucial.

Some of the most important features to expect include adjustable presser foot, automatic needle threader as well as thread cutter, speed control, tension adjustment, automatic buttonholer, top-load bobbin and easy-to-use controls.

Depending on what sort of quilting you plan on doing, look for a model with different presser feet, like a walking foot, darning foot, zipper, monogramming, buttonhole and blind stitch foot. These attachments make any project easier to complete.

The most common cause of this problem is dull or damaged needles. So, always ensure, you replace the needle after a while. Using the incorrect needle and inserting the needle wrongly can also cause this problem.

When quilting, cotton threads are the best. You can also occasionally use buttonhole twist or heavy-duty thread. These threads can be purchased from your local fabric or sewing store.

Stitch length and width affect the kind of stitch you want. With most sewing machine models, the stitch length should always be at a smaller number setting and stitch width at the highest number.

Our Verdict

Are you ready to know the ultimate winner?

It was not easy settling for the top pick because sewing machine preferences vary from one quilter to the next. However, if we were to pick the machine that provides the best value for money, then that would have to be Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches. Not only because it is a best seller on Amazon but also because it’s feature-rich. Not to mention, it is quite affordable, easy to set-up and beginner friendly.

That’s it, guys! We hope this best sewing machine for quilting guide helps you make an informed decision.


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