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9 Popular Home Espresso Machines – Make Your Choice in 2020

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There’s nothing like having a hot cup of coffee before leaving home in the morning.

Nowadays, more people are choosing to blend their beverages at home rather than visiting local cafés, where cappuccino or espresso drinks can be a little bit expensive. There are many brands of coffee makers found on the market today, with each one of them claiming to be the best home espresso machine to buy.

They vary from basic machines with only the on/off features to more sophisticated espresso makers. Though these products come in various designs, most of them brew coffee by passing highly pressurized water through coffee grounds.

You don’t need the expertise of a professional barista to operate them, though the machines still differ greatly in their standard of complexity. When doing your shopping, only pick one based on the amount of effort you want to put into making the coffee. If you enjoy tasty coffee beverages like espresso, lattes, and cappuccino, then getting a coffee maker would be a great choice.

Moreover, if a single cup isn’t enough to kick-start your day then there are various other options to choose from, such as the dual-cup drip model that dispenses more coffee for your needs. Much larger models can brew even 10 to 12 cups at a go.

Still, spending a little bit more on your budget can buy you more conveniences such as automatic programmability, thermal carafe for keeping the coffee hotter much longer and settings that allow for adjustment of brew strength amongst many others.

It simplifies the process of making beverages at home from the comfort of your own kitchen. De’Longhi has a Rapid Cappuccino System that helps maintain optimal temperature when brewing

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This machine is built from durable materials that make it very sturdy, plus the No-slip feet also prevents it from sliding across the countertop when its burr grinder is switched on

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It has a strong body that’s built to last, including an ergonomically designed housing that’s made from iron casing and stainless steel sideboards

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Nespresso Inissia is a compact but lightweight coffee maker that’s designed to make your life easier. This incredible machine is available in a wide variety of colors to suit different users’ tastes and preferences

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Mr. Coffee ECMP1102 is a user-friendly espresso and cappuccino maker that makes it easy to prepare delicious beverages in just a few minutes

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Gaggia Brera is a technologically advanced coffee-maker that’s also very space efficient, it has a compact design and elegantly brushed stainless steel frontal panel that’s beautiful to look at

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The Magnifica by De’Longhi is everything you’ve been looking for to help you turn into a home-made barista. With it, you should be able to enjoy as many delicious lattes and cappuccinos whenever and wherever you want

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Ninja Coffee Bar is a convenient coffee maker machine that features a glass carafe and one-serve coffee system, it also comes complete with an integral frother having both warm and cold frothing functions

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Jura Ena Micro 1 is a compactly built coffee maker that consistently delivers full-flavored espresso with each brew, all this without taking too much counter space

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  • Patented Dual-Function Filter Container. It allows you to ground coffee normally, or as whole coffee pods for much faster preparation. This makes the process of brewing cappuccino/espresso faster and easier.
  • Self-priming system. This eliminates tedious start-up operations meaning you’ll be able to brew your coffee at a much faster pace, without waiting long hours for the boiler and element to reach appropriate temperature levels.
  • The Swivel Jet Frother. This helps you prepare rich cappuccino and latte with a creamy froth, and perfect for drinking at any time.
  • Convenient water holder. It has a water tank that’s simple to remove, refill and reinsert once again, thus making the process of preparing espresso much easier.

De’Longhi EC155 is a globally recognized Espresso & Cappuccino maker with a presence in more than 100 countries around the globe. It simplifies the process of making beverages at home from the comfort of your own kitchen.

You could be wondering why it’s different from other machines in the same category but here’s the kicker, De’Longhi has a Rapid Cappuccino System that helps maintain optimal temperature when brewing.

So that you can prepare cup after cup instantly without even waiting. The De’Longhi is one of the best espresso machines available in the market today.


Brewing and Control

De’Longhi EC155 brews espresso by passing hot water through the finely grounded coffee, thus making the end product much stronger and thicker than normal coffee. People usually have small quantities of espresso in form of shots compared to standard coffee. As for cappuccino, it’s made by brewing 1 or 2 ounces of espresso with steamed milk foam. This milk is typically vaporized with a steam wand.

During operation, sometimes getting the basket-handle to rotate fully into position can be a challenge. If this ever happens to you don’t be alarmed but instead, give it a strong push.

Nevertheless, rotating it all the way to the middle isn’t necessary in order to get a quality finished product. Even better is when you disassemble the basket unit and fix it back together, hence making it easier to swivel. There are only two screws that hold this part together, meaning detaching and reassembling them is much easier.


As for steaming, you need at least 35lbs of pressure for the best results. Also, remember to rotate the tamper in a circular motion as you press the key. While skim milk will froth better when steaming, the machine is still capable of frothing any other similar beverage such as coconut milk. Nevertheless, sometimes a ‘real’ espresso shot glass may not fit beneath the spigots, meaning you can use a true earthenware espresso cup instead.


Since most of its parts are detachable, when cleaning you can reach even the innermost parts of the machine and remove any debris that may be stuck there. The high-quality stainless steel boiler is also very easy to wipe. Not to mention the drip tray which is made from a material that doesn’t rust when it comes into contact with moisture.


De’Longhi EC155 allows you to enjoy delicious espresso and cappuccino drinks made in your own style. These beverages can be brewed at perfect temperatures using two different thermostats. Moreover, if you like cappuccino then there’s a simple-to-use rotational jet frother which creates perfect beverages every time.

Other notable highlights that make it rank among the best espresso machine sets are a self-priming console to remove bothersome startup preparations, detachable water tank and drip tray which are also durable. Not to forget the stainless steel boiler that ensures multiple years of tasty espresso.

  • Easy to clean. The machine has a detachable 35-ounce water tank with indicator lighting, there’s also a removable drip tray. All these features make it easier to clean and reassemble the product at a glance.
  • Simple to use and delivers quality results. One of the best parts about De’Longhi EC155 is that the 15-bar professional pressure gives quality results each time brewing is done, and with minimal effort from the user.
  • Allows for multipurpose brewing Whatever your coffee preferences, whether single or double espresso, latte or cappuccino this machine guarantees authentic barista-style beverages just like you’ll find them at your local coffeehouse. That’s why some users consider it among the greatest espresso machines available for sale.
  • Moderately sized and doesn’t take too much space on the counter, it’s also attractive to look at with silver metal accents.
  • Frothing wand is short and measures only 3.25 inches from the countertop.
  • Sometimes the water does not come out readily.
  • Has an internal conical burr grinder and half-pound coffee bean hopper. The machine is equipped with stainless-steel conical burrs that intensify extraction of flavor from the raw product, which is done by maximizing the grinding surface area. For optimal results, try using freshly ground beans that provide more flavor. Furthermore, the machine has a locking system for simpler removal, storage, and relocation of coffee beans.
  • Filter size adjustment button. This shows whether you’re using a single or double-walled filtration basket, the grinder also dispenses required amounts of coffee to achieve the appropriate filter type.
  • No-hands grinding cradle. Simply add some portafilter into the cradle and finely ground espresso would immediately be dispensed into the filter. Moreover, its grinder automatically pauses when the required amount of beverage has been dispensed.
  •  54mm tamper system. Apart from the inbuilt burr grinder, Breville Barista also has an Italian-made 15 bar pump system with a thermocoil heating unit. This ensures accurate regulation of beverage temperature for a fully-flavored drink. Furthermore, a pre-brew console and flat shower dispenser ensure that water is equally distributed throughout the coffee puck.
  • There are also many other useful features of this espresso machine such as a cup warmer fitted on top of the equipment, including a function that removes extra water from the filtration basket after the coffee has been extracted. Therefore, the used grounds develop a dry puck for faster cleanup. Additionally, it has a stainless steel 360-degree swivel action vapor wand for preparing lattes and cappuccinos.

Breville BES870XL is an instant espresso making machine that can create high-quality beverages in just a matter of seconds. Fans of this machine appreciate the fresh, top-grade espresso drinks that can be brewed at the comfort of your home.

By creating the beverage at instant speed, it retains more flavor than when the beans are grounded from scratch and let to stay for a while before preparing them.

Want to know the best part?

This machine is built from durable materials that make it very sturdy, plus the No-slip feet also prevents it from sliding across the countertop when its burr grinder is switched on.


Brewing and control

For newbies in brewing, Breville BES870XL comes with two double-layered, compressed filters that perfectly balance pressure and help regulate the extraction process. As for the more experienced brewers, this machine gives them space to experiment with different grind amounts, grind sizes and even tamping pressure. While espresso-making is a meticulous process that involves careful adjustment of various input ingredients, Breville Express makes the procedure much simpler.


As for steaming, the difference is clear when you use this machine for making cappuccino compared to the others. It produces crema that’s noticeably richer and thicker in texture.


Things get even better when it comes to cleaning, the machine has a clean-me-light console that alerts users when the next cleanup session is due. Furthermore, there’s a cleaning kit and manual included with lots of useful details. The product is simple to clean and also comes with a concealed storage chamber for keeping the available cleaning tools, as well as the removable drip tray. Also included is a preset cleaning cycle that helps sanitize the inside parts of the group head.


Breville BES870XL is a reliable coffee maker that can be used several times a day without breaking down. Once you get it, the product will make amazing espresso drinks (like perfect mocha) for you as long as it’s constantly kept clean. The machine is also effortless to maintain and requires very little cleaning compared to the other cheaper espresso machines.

Nothing beats a tasty espresso in the morning made using Breville BES870XL Express.

  • The machine is housed in a glossy stainless steel casing, making it very attractive to look at and also a timeless addition to any modern kitchen.
  • Has a convenient copper dosing tool for easy management.
  • The available tamper is perfect and you don’t have to order another one from the stores.
  • Has an inbuilt pressure gauge for preparing thick cappuccinos depending on your personal tastes.
  • In some cases, the ground amount knob doesn’t go low enough for easy use.
  • The frothing cup is rather small and you might require a bigger one.
  • Has a convenient stainless-steel steam wand that permits a full range of motion, this function makes the machine perfect for steaming great quality latte milk.
  • Copyrighted streamlined porta filter measuring 58mm for superior extraction, these same porta filters are found on Rancilio’s commercial coffee machines.
  • A chrome-plated brass boiler that can hold up to 0.3liters of beverage, the boiler produces remarkable steaming power and the recovery time between shots is also very short. You can also control steaming output using the commercially designed vapor knob which is available.
  •  Has a dual quart water reservoir that can be detached or refilled from the top at any moment during operation.
  •  It comes equipped with a 7gm coffee scoop, dual filter baskets and plastic tamper for better handling.
  •  Optional accessories like pods and capsule adapter kits are also available.

Rancilio is a semi-automatic espresso machine with excellent heat stability and top-grade extraction functions. It also has a strong body that’s built to last, including an ergonomically designed housing that’s made from iron casing and stainless steel sideboards.

Now, you may be wondering what makes it unique from the rest. The answer is that it has high-capacity boilers with the largest volume range of any home coffee machine within its class, making this one of the best espresso machine units.


Brewing and Control

Being a high-end home espresso machine, Rancilio Silvia has non-restricted filter baskets and the only thing that directs clean water flow through your beverage and controls extraction is the coffee grinding process itself.

That being said, the best way to achieve good quality coffee is by getting a ‘bur’ coffee grinder, it would help grind your beans to a consistency that’s perfect for making espresso. However, if you try using a blade coffee grinder, the water flow would be too quick and your beverage would only end up tasting acidic.


Though Rancilio Silvia has just a single boiler, it’s multipurpose and can be used both to steam milk and pull shots at the same time. However, you must first wait from shot to steam for the temperatures to rise before steaming again. It’s possible to fast-track the cooling process but not the heating up. The porta-filter, which is made from solid brass, also helps a lot in streamlining the steaming process.


To keep the machine in good condition, regularly wipe down the surface with a damp piece of cloth and some mild soap. As for the interior parts, you’ll need a good microfiber cloth that can remove dirt without damaging the components. Nowadays, cleaning tools for delicate parts such as the all-metal casing and frame can be found in most local stores.


Rancilio is a high-performance coffee maker that’s built to last for many years without any replacement, it yields fine tasting espresso and is also very easy to maintain compared to other machines in the same class.

  • The portafilter retains heat perfectly, meaning the brew entering your cup is always at optimal temperature.
  • 3-way Solenoid valve allows for a compact set of brewed coffee grounds that can effortlessly be removed from the filter.
  • The Omni-directional steam wand is suitable for use in tight spaces, it can be mounted on a typical ball joint so that it rotates in any direction you want. Not just out towards the side.
  • Easy to operate. Since there is no in-built grinder, brewer or tedious push buttons that are prone to malfunction. Very few things can go wrong when using this machine.
  • Compact switches and mechanical parts that are built to last for many years. The internal plumbing system is firmly assembled, with boiler lines made from high-grade brass/copper. Moreover, there are no fussy electronics found inside the box such as solid wiring, mechanical switches or spade lugs.
  • The metallic frame and casing are very low-maintenance. Additionally, the cast iron frame is heavily built and keeps everything strongly in position. The machine will not vibrate unnecessarily during use, something that may otherwise loosen its components.
  • Water lines connecting the reservoir and pump to machine boiler are made from cheap silicone rubber and hi-temp vinyl.
  • Due to its complex design, brewing may sometimes need some prior practice.
  • The reservoir is not large enough and can only be accessed from the top, clearance is required before lifting it out.
  • Full-bodied and colorful design. The machine has a small footprint but is solid, lightweight and fitted with an ergonomic handle. It will fit effortlessly into any home’s interior design plus is available in a variety of colors to suit your personal tastes.
  • Energy saving mode. This console automatically switches off the machine after every 9 minutes to conserve energy. Moreover, Inissia has a unique folding drip tray that can accommodate larger cup sizes, it drops down automatically when you adjust the mug so as to catch drips.
  • The Nespresso capsule system. It’s a revolutionary idea that delivers exceptional taste and tantalizing aromas, all thanks to the preparation of coffee in hermetically sealed and eco-friendly aluminum capsules that ensure the total enjoyment of coffee at the highest level.
  • Each machine has a total of 16 capsules containing different aromas for your choosing. Making it one of the best home machine sets available today.

Nespresso Inissia is a compact but lightweight coffee maker that’s designed to make your life easier. This incredible machine is available in a wide variety of colors to suit different users’ tastes and preferences.

With a history dating back more than 25 years, the company set out with a revolutionary idea to help people create the perfect cup of espresso coffee. Packed with exquisite crema, full-bodied taste, and tantalizing aroma.


Brewing and Control

Nespresso Inissia is equipped with ‘Compact brewing unit technology’ which allows for fast preheating time, it only takes 25 seconds to brew on a 19 Bar high-pressure pump. In addition, there are 2 Programmable buttons that are used for lungo and Espresso preparation.

Furthermore, each machine has a total of 16 aroma capsules that provide users with a variety of espresso flavors to enjoy. When blended with some creamy milk foam, it would give you a distinct taste like you’ve never experienced before.


The machine reduces waiting time for steaming to only 25 seconds, with just a single button touch the water would reach ideal temperatures to make around 9 coffee cups. All this without having to refill the available 23.8oz tank. You can also adjust the cup size during steaming with two automated Espresso and Lungo buttons.

There’s also a 19 bar high-pressure system that’s very simple to use. The machine delivers great barista-style espresso every time, because of its patented extraction system which has been tried and tested to perfection.


Nespresso Inissia has a detachable 24-ounce water tank that apart from dispensing hot water for coffee, it can also be used to extract warm water for wiping the machine. You can use organic cleansers like vinegar and baking soda to remove dirt from the surface.


The bottom line is that this machine has the potential to deliver high-grade coffee that will bring a smile to your face. Moreover, since some of its components are biodegradable, the coffee maker guarantees sustenance of both environmental and human resources. Making Nespresso Inissia the best espresso machine for conservationists.

Want to know the best part?

The company has an online technical support team to answer any questions you may have concerning the machine. This virtual helpdesk is available 24/7 throughout the day and night, operating 7 days a week.

  • Fast turnaround. When turned on it heats water very quickly and brews coffee fast as well.
  • Long lasting. The machine looks solidly built and is very durable, the handlebar is also made of metal.
  • Coffee selection. There are many different flavors and brew variations available for creating the perfect cup of coffee. Furthermore, the machine comes fitted with small and large brew buttons that allow you to adjust your own brew length.
  • Simple insertion and removal of capsules. Has a detachable 24-ounce water tank, including folding cup tray that can accommodate tall recipe glasses. The used capsule container can hold around 9-11 capsules at a go.
  • Produces noise. During brewing the machine is very loud, to an extent that it can wake up your neighbors in the morning.
  • The water reservoir is small in size and needs to be refilled often, especially for those who brew large cups of espresso.
  • It can be difficult to memorize the Italian names of all the color coded pods, but still, the machine has a ‘coffee menu’ which tells brewers which pod color they are using.
  • When it comes to features, the machine has 15 bars of pressure which deliver great results.
  • Its automatic milk churner has the capacity to turn milk into a rich, creamy foam that’s perfect for mixing with chocolate, sprinkling with nutmeg or cardamoms, or just taking it plain with sugar.

How to use the machine:

  1. The first step is ensuring that it’s unplugged from any power source and that the On/Off button is set in the Off position which is marked as ‘O’.
  2. Remove all labels and stickers from the product.
  3. Disassemble and wash the milk reservoir, water reservoir, porta-filter, measuring scoop and two filters in a solution of water and mild detergent. Rinse each component thoroughly then fix back onto the appliance. However, note that the water reservoir and porta-filter aren’t dishwasher safe.
  4. Prime the machine before switching it on.

This procedure is very important especially if you’re using Mr. Coffee ECMP1102 System for the first time.

Mr. Coffee ECMP1102 is a user-friendly espresso and cappuccino maker that makes it easy to prepare delicious beverages in just a few minutes.

This sleek machine allows users to brew their favorite drinks with just a single button push. It features a unique one-touch control pad that allows you to select from single or double shots of espresso, latte or cappuccino. There’s also a convenient light indicator that highlights your current selection. These are some of the attributes that make users rate the Mr Coffee machine so highly.


Brewing and Control

The brewing process is simple and creates amazing results with each session.

Moreover, with the milk froth and manual espresso modes you can customize the drink to be exactly how you want it. Similarly, the machine is equipped with a removable water tank that can hold around 55-ounces of water, meaning you can make multiple drinks before refilling. Now it’s easy to understand why this coffee maker is regarded as one of the best espresso machine brands in the market.

The sliding container’s height platform is also perfect for blending into smaller cups, plus the drip tray can easily be taken out for cleaning as well. Additionally, Mr. Coffee ECMP1102 comes with a free recipe book containing several tasty beverage recipes which you can make from home.


The machine has an integrated milk reservoir that allows you to steam fizzy lattes and cappuccinos without any hassles whatsoever. Just add your favorite coffee grounds or espresso to the portafilter, fill in water and milk to their respective tanks then press one of the three available preprogrammed drink options.


Since the milk reservoir is detachable, it can easily be taken out for cleaning in a dishwater. A simple household solution of detergent and water can be used to wash the machine.


Mr. Coffee ECMP1102 is a versatile coffee maker that can be used to brew anything from creamy cappuccinos to luscious lattes, aromatic espressos and exotic beverage variations such as café mochas, espresso martinis, toffee lattes and caramel cappuccinos. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the product comes with a recipe guide containing more than 20 different recipe options to choose from. Thus ranking it among the top espresso machine brands available.

The coffee maker allows you to create tasty café style beverages right at home, all at the single push of a button. You can pick between single/double servings of latte, espresso or cappuccino. Also featured are 15 bars of pressure which help to create tasty beverages, just like you will find them at your local coffee store.

Here’s the deal, Mr. Coffee espresso/cappuccino maker is guaranteed to create masterpiece beverages right before your eyes.

  • Easy to operate. Simply choose a single or double shot reservoir and brew your coffee.
  • Automatically foams milk. The device automatically froths milk to create a fuzzy mixture that’s perfect for creating latte and cappuccino.
  • Has a detachable water tank that can be refilled and cleaned easily at the sink.
  • Can make a great gift for beginner espresso machine users.
  • Quick to clean and makes very tasty coffee drinks.
  • Some owners complain that it curdles milk after a short period of use. You may be cleaning the machine regularly after each brewing session and using fresh milk, but the milk going into your cup may still look spoiled and create coffee that’s completely undrinkable.
  • Not very durable. There are people who have replaced it thrice in less than 2yrs, this shows that the machine is prone to breaking down easily.
  • It’s not consistent in producing coffee. After a few months of use, sometimes the machine may start making loud noises and generate less beverage than before.
  • Has Pannarello wand for frothing cappuccinos & lattes, this filament also doubles up as a warm water dispenser for tea and Americanos.
  • Steam/brew switchover. Brera has two boiler units that allow for fast switching from steam to brew, this also enhances convenience.
  • Inbuilt self-rinsing system. After use, Brera trickles a small amount of clean hot water through its brew system at startup and stoppage. This helps in flushing out any remaining residues from your last brew. Therefore, the machine can deliver consistent great taste even if you don’t clean it often.
  • Has a programmable command system. The grind dosage unit can be controlled automatically by gauging the mortar and other factors in real-time.
  • Bypass doser. It allows for one-time fixing of another grind, instead of having to use beans in the hopper.

Gaggia Brera is a technologically advanced coffee-maker that’s also very space efficient, it has a compact design and elegantly brushed stainless steel frontal panel that’s beautiful to look at.

Though small in size compared to the other machines in its class, this is compensated by its advanced software system that makes it an excellent espresso machine in terms of functionality.


Brewing and Control

The machine brews delicious espresso by grinding beans per each cup, frothing milk is also made easier. All you need to do is just load the top with coffee beans, fill up the water reservoir and then press the start button. Additionally, Gaggia Brera allows you to control the potency of your coffee beverage by selecting between 7-10gms of coffee grounds, which are displayed on the panel as one-two-three.


Rapid steam technology allows for quick heating and robust steaming functions. Nevertheless, when steaming note that the coffee maker can only stay active for 60 minutes before going to sleep mode. When this happens the power button will blink red for notification.


It’s recommendable that you clean the machine after every 5-6 coffee making sessions, to do this you must first empty coffee pucks from the right-side drawer. Furthermore, try cleaning and lubricating the brew unit regularly so as to prevent leakages around the mechanism.


Gaggia Brera is an automated espresso maker that works perfectly despite its small size, it creates delicious beverages effortlessly and makes foaming milk very simple as well. Since the machine can only brew one cup at a time, attention to detail is given when making each drink which always comes out perfectly. That’s why it’s the perfect espresso machine for home.

Brera makes good quality espresso with very little expertise required from the user, all you need to do is just set the grinder to fine mode then push the button labeled ‘brew’. It gives consistent results every time.

  • User-friendly display. The illuminated LED display and push-button control icons make for a simple and intuitive experience.
  • Easy access. The drip tray, water reservoir, and dregs drawer are all easy to reach from the machine’s frontal part. This helps in quick and easy cleaning as well as maintenance.
  • 1-year warranty. Buyers are assured of a full-year warranty cover from the manufacturers.
  • Gaggia is affordable, convenient to use, quiet and makes great coffee.
  • Requires very little counter space.
  • The water tank is small and you have to fill it every day
  • The dispenser is low in height thus making it difficult to brew into large latte mugs
  • Material and construction quality is flimsy.
  • After use sometimes the steam wand may become coated with baked-on milk.
  • Full-size coffee-house machine but in a more compact design that will fit perfectly on your kitchen countertop.
  • A patented cappuccino system frother for mixing milk and steam to form creamy forth
  • The push button and rotary control panel is easy to use and comes with programmable menu settings
  • You can use it to grind beans from its inbuilt Direct-to-Brew system

The Magnifica by De’Longhi is everything you’ve been looking for to help you turn into a home-made barista. With it, you should be able to enjoy as many delicious lattes and cappuccinos whenever and wherever you want.

All you have to do is place a container with milk right under the nozzle, and you’ll get the delicious, savory, and creamy froth that your normally mundane coffee has been missing. For best results, however, we would advise you to use the direct-to-brew system to grind your beans before brewing your coffee.

With a variety of coffee-strength settings, the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Machine will deliver ideal flavors for everyone. What is more, it allows you to select different cup sizes, take advantage of the easy-to-use manuals, warm your cups, and even use the removable drip tray. What is for certain is that this automatic espresso machine is everything you didn’t know your kitchen was missing.


Brewing and Control

From the creamiest of cappuccinos to some delicious lattes, you can rely on the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Machine to deliver high-quality brews.

It features a Cappuccino System with adjustable manuals that will mix milk and steam to create thick, long-lasting foam for all the coffee servings you need. Further, the levels are adjustable, making it easy for you to prepare amazingly creamy lattes.

That said, the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Machine is ideal for designing perfect cappuccino and espresso experiences. Just program your preferences on this machine, and it will “REMEMBER” (as it were) the details you input.


This espresso machine also comes with a manual frother for mixing mild and steam into a creamy and rich froth. Add the froth to your drinks to give them that even texture – just as they serve it at your favorite coffee shop.

The steaming also happens so fast that you will no longer have to wait endlessly and mindlessly between cups. This is all thanks to the Rapid Cappuccino System in the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Machine, which maintains ideal temperatures to allow you to brew cup after instant cup.


Although the DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine comes with such enviable complicated features, it is relatively easy to handle and clean. It has a compact and extractable brewing unit that you should have an easy time cleaning. This unit also self-adjusts depending on the number of shots of espresso you need.


Although theThe Magnifica by De’Longhi is marketed as an espresso machine, you can also use it to prepare lattes, cappuccinos, and regular coffee. It is easy to use, relatively affordable, and a handy tool for any coffee aficionado. After it sets root in your kitchen, you’ll wonder why you ever bought coffee before.

  • It is ranked among the best coffee makers in terms of performance and price.
  • The process of turning beans to coffee is pretty easy.
  • Has two boilers, meaning this espresso machine is always ready to steam and brew.
  • You get maximum extraction for aromatic, full-bodied coffees.
  • It boasts a coffee grinder, which will save you several hundred dollars.
  • It is compact and doesn’t take too much counter space.
  • If it breaks, finding a repair shop will be a bit hard.
  • Customer service from the manufacturer isn’t the best.
  • This espresso machine is quite noisy.
  • The machine has various brew options including Classic, Café Forte, Rich and Over Ice Brew and Specialty amongst others.
  • Cafe Forte. This is a whole-bodied coffee drink that intensifies the beverage’s unique taste down to the final sip. It has a more complex flavor than typical coffee. This option represents a set of complex flavors that permit your coffee to brew at its very best version. You can either serve it Black or Au Lait, with 1-3 ounces of foamed milk.
  • Classic and Rich Brew. The Classic brew encompasses a balanced flavor, whereas Rich is a much stronger taste. Either coffee variety will make a great start to your day.
  • Over Ice. This function allows you to brew fresh and warm coffee over ice, therefore leaving you with a refreshing cold coffee that’s one of a kind.
  • Specialty is a super-rich coffee blend that’s often used to brew both hot and cold beverages, layered or frozen based on your personal tastes. It can also be mixed with foamed milk to create bold, tasty coffeehouse-style drinks.
  • Built-in frother. Ninja Coffee has the system needed to convert your milk to a smooth micro-foam, perfect for creating specialty beverages like lattes. And also adding a refreshing new taste to your morning coffee, whether served hot or cold. That’s why it’s the best espresso machine for home use.
  • 6 Brew Sizes. There are a total of 6 different brew sizes to pick from, ranging from single serve to carafe setting. This way you can enjoy endless coffee with your friends or family when they come over to pay you a visit.

Ninja Coffee Bar is a convenient coffee maker machine that features a glass carafe and one-serve coffee system, it also comes complete with an integral frother having both warm and cold frothing functions. There are various tasty coffee recipes that you can make using this machine, all from the coziness of your home. It’s why people consider it the best espresso machine available today.

Additionally, the pod-free single serve unit allows you to enjoy unlimited variety, as well as customization of your beverages. Not to mention the Advanced Thermal Flavor-Extraction system, which allows you to unleash the entire flavor range of your preferred drink and relish great-tasting beverages at different levels of richness.


Brewing and Control

Brewing with this machine is very easy, all you need to do is just pull out the sliding arm and add your own ground coffee inside. Next, switch on the coffee maker and allow it to filter for a few minutes. Your beverage will come out perfectly when everything is done correctly.


Ninja Coffee Bar steams super-hot and somewhat stronger coffee beverages, to prepare exotic drinks such as espresso you must first steam the milk to create more froth. But this will only take a few minutes.


The machine generates less waste compared to others within its class, thus making it easier to clean.


Ninja Coffee Bar is a versatile coffee-maker that produces rich flavored brews, with very little effort required from the user. It’s also small in size and takes up minimal counter space, therefore, making it one of the best espresso machines for a household.

  • Allows for Custom Brew Size options of the cup, Travel Mug, XL Cup, Half Carafe, Full Carafe and Multi-Serve.
  • Has advanced Auto-iQ Single-Touch Intelligence and Thermal Flavor-Extraction Technology.
  • Pod-free one-serve and carafe drink system with both Hot and Over-Ice Carafe servings.
  • Powerful coffee extraction system.
  • Automatic water reservoir unit. Instead of continuously drawing water for each cup, just set up the appropriate brew size setting and it would do the rest for you.
  • The frother is very stable and can work overtime without any damages.
  • Sometimes the frother doesn’t boil milk properly, meaning you’ll have to reheat it in the microwave.
  • When not well maintained, the machine can break down after a few months of use.
  • Modern, attractive design that blends well with the kitchen.
  • Moderately sized and user-friendly cup sizes.
  • Has aroma preservation lid that helps in covering the coffee beans to keep them fresher for longer.
  • Automated power-saver mode with the computerized preheating system.

Jura Ena Micro 1 is a compactly built coffee maker that consistently delivers full-flavored espresso with each brew, all this without taking too much counter space. It has a Micro 1 function that can be programmed into 3 categories for making espresso, ristretto, and lungo, alongside the two aroma levels that are available. This is definitely one of best espresso machine sets that can be bought from the stores.

There’s, even more, to smile about, the machine has an automated preheating function that ensures your drink is always produced steaming hot. Additionally, the user-friendly control panel makes it easier to create espresso like a barista right from home. This machine also has various energy-efficient features such as Zero-Energy switch, auto-off function, and energy saving mode.

Furthermore, the aroma preservation cover helps in keeping the coffee beans fresh, as the built-in grinder effortlessly grinds them. Similarly, the micro-brewing chamber produces finely extracted espresso with each brew.


Brewing and Control

With Jura Ena Micro 1, you can make a great cup of coffee with no hassle at all. If you’re receiving it for the very first time from the seller, Setup is a snap. Just fill your coffee beans into the machine, add water, set up the filter and you are good to go. It can produce espresso, coffee or ristretto with crema filling the glass halfway.


At the push of a button, it automatically steams hot water which can either be used to make black coffee or mixed with milk froth to create espresso. It automatically pumps the heated water and dumps out the coffee ground ‘pucks’ into the available internal bin.


Since it’s a single cup dispenser, the machine is very easy to clean and maintain. You only need to pass some water through it on the sink to remove coffee residues and debris.


Here’s the final deal, Jura Ena Micro 1 is simple to use and produces great quality coffee from scratch at the touch of a button.

Additionally, it’s reasonably sized and can fit even in the tightest spaces such as below the counter cabinet for safe storage. This makes it the best espresso machine for home in the market for some people.

  • Environmentally friendly. The programmable energy-saving console, switch off time and copyrighted Zero-Energy Switch guarantee high levels of efficiency.
  • The ultra-compact single cup coffee dispenser is small in size and can fit on any kitchen countertop.
  • Simple to operate. The touch panel has three user-friendly cup sizes and dual aroma options to choose from.
  • Has Multi-level grinder and micro brewing function for creating the richest espresso drinks.
  • It sometimes gives false alerts. Users may receive warnings that the residue tank is full, when in fact it’s empty.
  • Despite its small size, the machine is very dense and heavy to carry.

Buying Guide

Best Home Espresso Machine Under 500$

Many experts believe that a budget range of $500 is the kicker when it comes to getting a good quality espresso machine. At this price range, you aren’t really searching for entry-level options, but rather upgrading the experience and quality of beverages that you’re going to be making.

With this amount, you can find a reasonable machine that shall brew the best espresso right from home. It will also make an attractive addition to your kitchen countertop.

Whereas there shall still be higher-priced models, with some having more features to go by. Some of these functions may not really be necessary for making great quality coffee. In fact, after the $500 price mark, you will find it hard to get a machine that performs better in making espresso.

Yes, there might be machines with more features higher up the price ladder, but some of these functions may have very little bearing on improving the quality of the beverage. Remember you can always find a convenient and awesome coffee maker at this rate. Here DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine does its best.

9 Popular Home Espresso Machines - Make Your Choice in 2020

Automatic Espresso Machine

With these models, you can’t control various variables in the coffee making process as they have all been preprogrammed. Therefore, it’s important to start the procedure right so as to get the intended results. This often means getting a good grinder, freshly-roasted beans, clean water and also adjusting temperatures to the right amount.

In automatic espresso makers, the beverage gets its taste and aroma during the extraction process, whereby hot water is made to pass through the ground beans. If this happens too fast, then the coffee shall become weak; and if it occurs too quickly then it would be bitter. Ultimately, the speed is determined by how fine your coffee grind is.

For most automatic coffee makers, you want a medium or fine grind depending on the kind of filter your machine uses. Moreover, if your coffee maker has a glass carafe, the most important step is taking it off the warming plate so that it doesn’t burn and get bitter.

Coffee Machine With Grinder

High-quality coffee can only come from whole coffee beans that have been freshly pounded a few minutes to brewing, this ground process can be achieved by using a typical coffee grinder. Blade coffee grinder is the least costly model, it consists of a programmed fan-like blade that rotates in a hopper or concealed plastic casing where the whole beans have been kept.9 Popular Home Espresso Machines - Make Your Choice in 2020

However, most experts are of the opinion that ‘burr’ is the best form of coffee grinder. They are serrated steel parts consisting of conical or level surfaces that perfectly fit together. These edges crush beans into an even consistency, which can easily be controlled by adjusting one of the several available settings. When used together with fresh coffee beans and cold distilled water, burr grinders deliver the best possible coffee flavor.

You can determine the correct particle size for your coffee grinder by using a paper filter. If it becomes congested and water backs up, or if sediment remains in the cup, then the particle scope is too fine and perfect.

How to Make Espresso at Home

When making espresso, note that it will only taste as good as the water you’re using. Therefore, ensure that the water is as fresh as possible before brewing anything inside. Debris such as sediment, minerals, and scale will only diminish the quality of your drink. They need to be removed upfront before getting too far into the process:
  • Grinding. Before any brewing is done, coffee beans must first be sliced into smaller pieces for easy preparation. Unlike other types of coffee, making espresso requires a very fine grind otherwise it would not come out well.
  • Dosage. For a ‘double shot’ which is also the standard serving size, it’s recommendable to use between 18-21gms of ground coffee. As you increase the coffee amount, your shot shall increase in both density and intensity.
  • Tampering. Compressing ground coffee with a fine tamper prevents the flow of water, therefore forcing coffee granules to interact with the water. For the best results, begin with a 30lb press applied evenly on top of your ground coffee. A strong, level tamp is important in an even extraction of the beverage.
  • Temperature. Water heated to levels of 195-205 degrees-F is perfect for making the fine beverage, there are some espresso makers that allow you to adjust this temperature accordingly.
  • Yield. When coffee is brewed, the yield is measured based on coffee input and water input. But for espresso, it is coffee input and drink output. Depending on your dosage and basket size, go for around 2-ounces of espresso out which is enough for filling a large shot glass. If you are scaling your shots, a 30gm yield is a great place to start.

9 Popular Home Espresso Machines - Make Your Choice in 2020

9 Popular Home Espresso Machines - Make Your Choice in 2020

Our Verdict & Recommendations:

Without any doubt, DeLonghi EC155 is the overall the best home espresso machine in the market today. It offers the greatest value in its class for both cost and performance, especially considering that it’s one of the few self-priming machines out there with a multi-function filter container that goes for under $100.

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